"The Nine Funnels Every Photographer Needs to Earn a Full-Time Income
Working Part-Time Hours"
We Will Take You By The Hand To Show You The Paint By Numbers Approach to Attracting Ideal Clients  AND Working Less - Absolutely Free!

Available for a Limited Time

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Clare Stephens

Family Portrait Photographer, Author of The Art of Pricing, Business Builder and Mentor.
"I earned $7k in a weekend 
in my first year in business. When I implemented the things I am teaching in this training, I earned $40k EXTRA on top of my salary, which is what gave me the safety net to pursue photography full-time".
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
  •  What is a funnel anyway, and why you need them in your photography business;
  •  How to SIMPLIFY your business (and your life!) by creating these automations ONCE, giving you freedom forever;
  •  Common Mistakes I see photographer's make when using social media that creates MORE work, with less results;
  •  How to get clients on autopilot so you get photoshoot bookings while you sleep; and
  •  The 9 Funnels you MUST have if you want to earn a full time income in your photography business, while working part time hours
This is the juicy stuff that I teach my top tier clients so that they get results like:

Making $9k in her first 4 weeks in business (and going on to make $50k in sales in just 13 weeks!!)

Waking up to 4 photoshoot bookings overnight, one day after she set one of her funnels live;

Making DOUBLE her "ideal" income while working with me;

Making $5900 from one sale, just by working on her money mindset and changing nothing else;
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